Etternity Dermal S. L. is a company with worldwide reputation, specializing in aesthetic medicine. It produces and commercializes cosmetic solutions and medical devices, which are effective and tested in accordance with international standards.

The brand Pressensa appeared in the year 2013, becoming a trademark of Eternity Dermal, as a result of a longterm research of Spanish scientists and innovators in the cosmetology field.

For more than 15 years a team of scientists at the University Complutens in Madrid studies actively the process of skin aging. They have developed a series of dermato-cosmetic products for complex treatments, rejuvenation, preserving the beauty and skin health. The brand Pressensa quickly gained a worldwide reputation based on the superiority and quality of the product. Pressensa uses the most innovative technologies to create a product which is truly amazing.

Starting with an office in Spain, today we are present in almost all the European capitals and in many major cities of the world. We develop dynamically and we are on the threshold of new discoveries.


The name was not chosen by chance, it reveals the main idea of the brand. Pressensa comes from the latin word "Presentia", which means "the quality of the future". The quality of our products convinces of its effectiveness even the most sceptical cosmetologists and their clients. Thanks to our products, we want to improve the modern methods of anti-ageing or skin defects and to rise the quality of cosmetology services at the highest level. Currently we tend to meet the quality of future requirements of the consumers!


The philosophy of the brand Pressensa is supplying of professional, high quality products on the basis of the latest progressive developments. Our fundamental principle consists in the satisfaction of a very demanding market, creating high quality products, with the highest standards of safety. We are firmly convinced that these innovations will have a real impact on the market of aesthetic medicine, since the requirements of such procedures are constantly increasing. Produce Advanced active products that form a wide logical range to satisfy the requirements of the professional of the aesthetic medical sector. Take care of the evolution of the cosmetic market by proposing innovative products and personalized concepts.

Pressensa respects the rules of Good Manufacturing

Practices of the European Union, emphasizing

Its commitment to guarantee the production of transdermal solutions that respond to the professional’s demand in their search for the best treatments.

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