Revitalizing, nourishing, moisturizing overnight cream. Facial Botox-like effect without invasive procedures. Revitalizing treatment of mature skin. It alleviates signs of fatigue by providing strength, flexibility and radiance to the skin, acts by combating skin ageing giving it elasticity and softness. It helps the skin to rebuild a hydrolipidic film avoiding skin dryness.

ARGIRELOX™ PEPTIDE - Maintains and extends the wrinkle reduction. Combats the wrinkles by modulating muscle contraction in the pre-synaptic pathway and is particularly directed to topical formulations claiming supplement injections of botulinum toxin type A for improving the results of anti-ageing


LMW HYALURONIC ACID - For night deep hydration


UBIQUINONE (COENZYME Q10) - Fights expression lines and cutaneous oxidation


VITAMIN E - Nominated as eternal youth


ROSEHIP EXTRACT - Multivitamin deeply nourishes and regenerates the small wrinkles


ARGAN EXTRACT - Increases elasticity, tone and vitality

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