Luminossa TCA

Rapid action, Painless, No frost effect, No post-treatment sign,  an instant result that improves over time, Suitable for all ages, not photosensitizer


The LUMINOSSA TCA Peeling- Medium to deep is a medical CLASS I product based on TRICHLOROACETIC ACID (TCA) stabilized with alpha-hydroxy acids. Also contains Mandelic Acid and KOJIC ACID.
Its unique formula in gel form allows the stabilization of TCA thanks to strong cocktails and weak acids present in the formulation and mixed with a stoichiometric manner to make the treatment stable, safe and effective.



TCA: trichloroacetic acid (up to 12%):
Indicated in peeling to reduce signs of ageing (wrinkles relaxation, dull skin),  acne, keratosis and superficial to deep cleanse the skin and resources. Strong action against the D-pigmentation (Both dermis hyperpigmentation and post-inflammatory origin), wrinkles, photoaging, in acne scars. It is giving brightness and smoothness of the skin.
KOJIC ACID (up to 6 %):
It has high whitening properties. It works as an inhibitor of melanogenesis (Meta convenient process that regulates the production of melanin), the KOJIC ACID is specifically indicated in the treatment of melasma or chloasma, the photo-ageing and dark circles.
Mandelic acid (up to 6%):
As an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from hydrolysis of almond extract.  It delays the skin ageing at the cellular level by stimulating and renewal, leaving it with a rich and youthful appearance. It also acts against wrinkles; it has highly effective in the treatment of acne.


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