Active gel with hot effect for the body. Helps reduce localized fat and cellulite 24 hours a day.

The product is suitable for use before training as its heating action combined with exercise speeds up the breakdown of cellulite and helps its elimination.

Provislim ™ - activates basal lipolysis (degradation of triglycerides) at rest and promotes adrenaline-induced lipolysis, during exercise or stress situations. It also inhibits lipogenesis (formation of triglycerides) after food intake and inhibits adipogenesis (differentiation into mature adipocytes) as a global preventive effect.

Caffeine - a powerful antioxidant that breaks down fat that’s deep within the skin layers and improves microcirculation in the skin.

Carnitine – plays an essential role in the transformation of fatty acids into metabolic energy.

Botanical red-eco Grape Extract - Increases blood circulation, helps for disposal of fat and water from the body, stimulates oxygen penetration.

Natural hot Pepper Extract - accelerates blood circulation and metabolism of fat cells.


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