Lips: What is it being demanded?


The protection mask against the coronavirus has changed the way we use most cosmetics, but our smile is still very necessary for us and for those around us. Taking care of our lips is more important than ever.  The creative solutions that consumers are demanding may also be an opportunity.

In this new reality, cosmetic products that give lips permanent colour and deep hydration will be in high demand. The lips, punished by the use of masks, need additional hydration that does not stain the masks. If we add to the hydration a permanent colour of natural tone, we can see that these types of products will meet many of current needs.

En esta nueva realidad, los productos cosméticos que dan a los labios color permanente e hidratación profunda tendrán una gran demanda. Los labios, castigados por el uso de mascarillas, necesitan una hidratación adicional que no manche las mascarillas. Si a la hidratación le sumamos un color permanente de tono natural, podemos ver que este tipo de productos cubrirán muchas de las necesidades actuales.

Products like ROSLIPS, give the lips a natural pink tone, a healthy appearance, as well as volume and deep hydration. The low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of collagen and has antioxidant effect. ROSELIPS repairs the damaged areas of the lips, reduces wrinkles and achieves a visible antiaging effect. It certainly has what consumers are demanding: permanent colour, volume and hydration.