As part of the aging process, the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elasticity in skin decreases, causing wrinkles and a loss of fullness and volume in the face. This most commonly occurs around the eyes, mouth, cheeks, jawline, brow and around the nose.

For removing wrinkles and plumping up tired skin, dermal fillers are the solution. Dermal fillers are an anti-wrinkle cosmetic injection. A soft, cosmetic filler is injected into the areas where it is needed, they are used to volumise various areas on the face that have lost facial fat, collagen and elastin.

Dermal fillers are most commonly used for filling smile lines referred to as nasolabials and marionettes however they are also suitable for filling up deep wrinkles, furrows, scars and increasing volume in cheeks and chins.
The most popular category of dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in the body, is synthetically produced as a pure product and used as a filling agent for various parts of the face. Our preferred dermal filler is the Pressensa Seductiva Volume.

Pressensa Seductiva Volume helps increase the volume of the dermo-epidermal tissue thanks to the natural ability of hydrophilic hyaluronic acid molecules to attract a moderate amount of water molecules and bond with them. Our cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes this filling effect longer lasting and more stable and the skin slowly absorbs up to 12 months. In addition to safety, BDDE – the crosslinking agent – provides effective results, thereby meeting market requirements.

Pressensa Seductiva Volume is a CE 0373 injectable, a pyrogenic, a resorbable medical device made with cross-linked hyaluronic acid created from non-animal sourced bacterial biofermentation. It is a colorless monophasic gel contained in a disposable pre-filled, ergonomic syringe with a Luer Lock adapter that makes it easy to handle.

Pressensa Seductiva Volume is manufactured under the strict controls of the certificates ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Electronic verifications carried out throughout the entire filler production and packaging process to ensure quality, purity, and safety. The extremely low concentration of nucleic acids and protein, and the bacterial endotoxin rate < 0.5 EU/ml (much lower than the limit established by the European Pharmacopoeia for injectable products) minimise any hypersensitivity reaction.

Pressensa Seductiva Volume has an immediate lifting effect, thanks to its intrinsic viscoelastic and hydrophilic properties, which help recreate the desired volume. 25mg/ml concentration H.A. allows reducing any type of deep wrinkles, reshaping the face contour and lips, and hydrating the skin in depth.

Pressensa Seductiva Volume is injected subcutaneously to eliminate or at least deep wrinkles and increase soft tissue volume (lips, cheekbones, cheeks) for face contouring or reconstructive procedures (depressed scars, acne or chicken pox outcomes, facial asymmetry and atrophy, non-surgical rhino up to 12 months from treatment. The treatment can be safely repeated once the filling effects are significantly attenuated. Ease of use and intrinsic safety facilitate the physician performing the treatment. After thorough cleansing and disinfection of the skin, a few microinjections in the areas to be treated are all it takes. The treatment is well tolerated and not painful.

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Is effective for treating patients with:

• Filling deep to very deep face wrinkles and folds
• Effective cheek filling treatments
• Volumetric lifting
• Correction of sunken temples
• Nose reshaping
• Face contour adjustment (cheeks, chin, Submalar area)
• Lips augmentation
• Reconstructive procedures (depressed scars, acne or chickenpox)

Dermal Fillers: Before and After Pictures

Cheek Volume Correction
Lips Augmentation

Chin Correction

Nasolabial and Marionette Lines